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26 September 2007






18 September 2007

Lagi boring banget nih,…. udah sholat dzuhur tapi masih ngantuk aja… nunggu buka puasa masih lama banget…:D
Ya udah iseng-iseng aja ngabuburit buka web ini buka web itu, gogling dengan sembarang keyword …eh di blognya warga nemu artikel yg kaya gene neh..

Mt. Tambora Journal, Sumbawa Expedition

10 September 2007

In June 2007, I intended to climb upon Tambora’s peak on Sumbawa Island in Indonesia. The mountain is 2851 m above sea level high, and aside of being the highest point in Sumbawa, the mountain has a strong background of history, and it also has some records, viz. the most abrupt explosion on earth recorded ever by human history –verified by Guinness Book of Record, and the deepest caldera in Southeast Asia. Sir Raffles previously noted Mount Tambora was as high as 4,300 m (14,000 ft), making it one of the tallest peaks in the Indonesian archipelago, and drai ned off a large magma chamber inside the mountain. It took centuries to refill the magma chamber, its volcanic activity reaching its peak in April 1815. The explosion was heard on Sumatra island (more than 2,000 km or 1,200 miles away). Heavy volcanic ash falls were observed as far away as Borneo, Celebes, Java, and Molucca islands.